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Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Progress Report FY 2015

Table of Contents

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  FY 2016 Operating Budget

$494.9 million

  FY 2016 Capital Budget

$278.3 million

  FY 2016 Debt Service Budget

$197.8 million

  FY 2016 Total Budget

$971.1 million

  FY 2016 Budgeted Positions


  FY 2015 Actual Operating Expenses

$453.5 million

  FY 2015 Sales Tax Revenue

$518.6 million

  FY 2015 Systemwide Ridership (all modes)

92.5 million passenger trips

  Total Bus Fleet


  Number of Transit Centers

9 (includes 2 passenger transfer locations)

  Number of Bus Stops


  FY 2015 Bus Ridership (includes Charter)

36.5 million passenger trips

  Light Rail System Length

90 miles

  Number of Light Rail Stations


  Total Light Rail Fleet


  FY 2015 Light Rail Ridership*

29.9 million passenger trips

  Commuter Rail System Length (Trinity Railway Express)

34 miles

  Number of Commuter Rail Stations


  Total Commuter Rail Fleet

9 locomotives, 17 bi-level coaches, 8 bi-level cab cars, 13 rail diesel cars  
  FY 2015 Commuter Rail Ridership

2.2 million passenger trips

  Number of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and Managed Lanes


  Number of HOV and Managed Lane Miles


  FY 2015 HOV Commuter Trips**

21.4 million passenger trips

  FY 2015 Vanpool Ridership

871,000 passenger trips

  FY 2015 Paratransit Ridership

781,797 passenger trips


* Light rail ridership is tabulated using Federal Transit Administration-approved automatic passenger counters (APCs) as its official methodology

** In 2012, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) assumed from DART responsibility for operations, maintenance and enforcement of the regional system of high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes as it transitioned to tolled managed lanes. DART remains a capital funding partner in the I-635 HOV/Managed Lanes currently under construction by TxDOT. DART is permitted to continue reporting HOV usage (i.e. ridership) and the revenue miles from DART's operation of buses on the HOV lanes within its service area to continue receiving the associated FTA formula funds that support DART's ongoing transit operations.

Table of Contents

Discover the Opportunities: A letter from
   the DART Board Chairman and
   President/Executive Director

Financial and Investor Information

Facts About DART

Maximizing Light Rail Capacity

Building a Better System

Expanding Rail Service

Enhancing Transit Choices in Downtown Dallas


Attracting Economic Growth

Delivering New Ways to Pay

Going Beyond Corporate Pass Programs

DART Brand: It's All About Discovery

Ridership and Sales & Use Tax Receipts

DART Board Members FY 2016

DART Current and Future Services

Connect with DART

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