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Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Progress Report FY 2015

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Discover the Opportunities

DART Board Chair Faye Moses Wilkins and President/Executive Director Gary Thomas discuss economic development along the rail system.
DART Board Chair Faye Moses Wilkins and President/Executive Director Gary Thomas discuss economic development along the rail system.
When DART began, the idea of creating a network of buses and trains that connected fast-growing cities seemed an ambitious goal. But transit champions, working with the cities whose residents had voted to be part of the agency, drew a plan of action that detailed how DART would help the region grow around a robust public transportation system.

That early framework has guided us for more than 30 years as we've systematically built the DART System. Thank you for sharing the vision and for your ongoing support of DART as we work with you to improve the quality of life in North Texas.
Now we have another blueprint to guide us. Through the hard work and commitment of many, in late 2015, President Obama signed into law the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act, or "FAST Act." For the first time in 10 years, we have a law that provides long-term federal funding for public transit and highways.

Predictable funding allows transit agencies like DART and local governments to prioritize the long-range plans and major capital investments necessary to enhance and expand our existing infrastructure, as well as support the operation and maintenance of these investments.

By understanding the big picture, we continue to expand and improve transit services. The past year saw the opening of the Dallas Streetcar and the M-Line Trolley expansion. Both systems will continue to grow in 2016. By the end of this year, we will open the southern extension of the light rail system's Blue Line to the University of North Texas at Dallas.

Over the next 20 years, we will implement various projects to improve our service, add rail capacity in Downtown Dallas, and enhance the overall passenger experience, including:
  • Comprehensive bus operations changes
  • New fare payment options
  • Light rail platform extensions
  • A second Downtown Dallas light rail alignment
  • Passenger service along the Cotton Belt Corridor
In this progress report, we are pleased to share updates on DART's many initiatives. By design, these projects will provide residents with expanded transportation choices and ensure that we can get people where they need to go - safely, efficiently and effectively - now and in the future.

Faye Moses Wilkins
Chair of the DART Board of Directors
Gary C. Thomas
President/Executive Director

Table of Contents

Discover the Opportunities: A letter from
   the DART Board Chairman and
   President/Executive Director

Financial and Investor Information

Facts About DART

Maximizing Light Rail Capacity

Building a Better System

Expanding Rail Service

Enhancing Transit Choices in Downtown Dallas


Attracting Economic Growth

Delivering New Ways to Pay

Going Beyond Corporate Pass Programs

DART Brand: It's All About Discovery

Ridership and Sales & Use Tax Receipts

DART Board Members FY 2016

DART Current and Future Services

Connect with DART

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