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Collin County Rides

The way to DART about town!

Collin County Rides is a rider assistance program offered by DART in Wylie, Allen and Fairview.

This service is for qualified residents of Wylie, Allen and Fairview that are
age 65 or over OR have a certified disability.
Medical certificate or state or federal disability identifications required for proof of disability.

Qualified disabilities are as follows:
  1. Certified legally blind (Those who are legally blind, whose visual acuity in the better eye, after correction, is 20/200 or worse or visual field is contracted.)
  2. Certified deaf or profound hard of hearing (Total deafness, persons whose hearing loss is 70 dba or greater in the 1000 and 2000 Hz ranges.)
  3. Certified to be Non-ambulatory (Manual Wheelchair, Sport Wheelchair, Power Wheelchair)
  4. Certified to be semi-ambulatory - uses mechanical aid (Cane, Crutches, Walker, Leg Brace)
  5. Physical disability (Hemo-dialysis, Heart Disease, Portable Oxygen, Portable Respiratory Unit, Amputation of an extremity)
  6. Certified for at least 50% VA disability (Service Connected)
  7. Certified for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI, SSI, Award Letter)
  8. Certified as intellectual disability / intellectually disabled (Intellectual Disability)
  9. Certified as having a seizure disorder (Seizure Disorder)
  10. Certified as having a Mental Illness (Schizophrenia, PTSD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder)


The program serves registered residents of Wylie, Allen, and the Town of Fairview who are senior citizens age 65+ and/or persons with disabilities. Persons interested in applying for the service should complete an application to determine eligibility. Return completed applications to: DART - Collin County Rides, P.O. Box 660163, Dallas, TX 75266-7271. Or go online to or call DART's Certification Office at 214-828-6717.


To be eligible for the program (proof of eligiblity is required):
  1. Age 65 or older OR have a qualifying disability. (vision, hearing, physical disability, SSDI recipient, VA disability, non-ambulatory, semi-ambulatory, intellectual disability, seizure disorder, mental illness)
  2. Permanent resident of Wylie, Allen, or the Town of Fairview. You must present proof of residency, such as a government ID, a recent utility bill or other documentation verifying residency.

Service Area

The municipalities of Wylie, Allen, and the Town of Fairview comprise the service area. Registered residents may travel anywhere within Collin County, travel may include connecting to or traveling within the DART service area for any purpose as long as the origin or destination of the trip is within your resident city.

Service Hours

The program operates the same hours as DART's Paratransit, fixed-route bus, and rail service which is approximately 5 a.m. and midnight Monday through Saturday and 7 a.m. to midnight on Sundays and holidays.

Scheduling Trips

Phone reservation line: 214-515-7272. To schedule a ride, call an hour ahead of the time that you wish to be picked up. You may also schedule up to 7 days in advance. Where's My Ride is also available, it allows riders to check on the status of their vehicle on the day of the scheduled trip.

Program ID#

When calling to schedule a ride, please give your customer ID# to the call taker to confirm that you are part of the Collin County Rides Program.


A variety of vehicles will operate the program. A vehicle matching the mobility needs identified in your profile will be sent. Trips that do not require a mobility aid may also be provided through an approved rideshare service such as Uber.


You must be able to get yourself and any equipment you require into and out of the vehicle without any assistance.


Fares are calculated at the time of scheduling a trip. If the total fare is more than what is available in the subsidy wallet, funds from the personal wallet are used. You will not be able to book a trip if the calculated trip fees exceed your available account balance. A trip cost will be given at the time of booking.

Guests and Personal Care Attendants

There is an additional $2 fee for each additional passenger or personal care attendant that is riding with you. Guest fares are paid at the time of scheduling and are included in the total trip cost.

Program Account Wallets

Once approved for the program, you will be issued an ID#. To add funds to your wallets online you must register by going to using your ID# and a valid email address. Up to $500 of value per month, can be purchased at a cost of $125 to the rider. The rider is required to provide 25% of the card balance. The table below demonstrates how rider payments translate into the actual value in the subsidy wallet.

You Pay Funds Received Total Value
$5 $15 $20
$30 $90 $120
$75 $225 $300
$100 $300 $400
$125 $375 $500

The value stored in the subsidy wallet may not exceed $500 at any time, and it may only be used for program rides. Value can be loaded into wallets by going to with a credit or debit card, or by check or money order when mailed to DART - Collin County Rides, P.O. Box 841901, Dallas, TX 75284-1901. Please allow 7-10 days to process mailed in payments. Payments may be throughout the month but cannot exceed $125 in any one month. Any remaining funds in the wallet will roll over to the next month for use and may not exceed $500 at any time.

Personal Wallet

There is a personal wallet available, this allows you to load personal monies into your personal wallet that does not include a funding match. This may be a need if you are exceeding the maximum balance of $500 in a month for rides. Simply select “personal” when adding funds from the website or, notate “personal funds” on your mailed check. A maximum of $200 may be added of personal funds monies per month, and this amount will be utilized towards rides after utilizing all matched funds. Any remaining personal funds amount will roll over to the next month for use and may not exceed $200 at any time.

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