Quick notes on DART Rail ridership and growth

Ridership by Fiscal Year

1996 1.4 million (11 miles opened June 14, 1996)
1997 7.97 million (6 mile North Central extension (Pearl to Park Lane) and South Oak Cliff extension (Illinois to Ledbetter) opened completing the 20 mile Light Rail Starter System)
1998 10.94 million
1999 11.34 million
2000 11.43 million
2001 11.51 million
2002 13.73 million (Northeast extensions (Mockingbird to LBJ/Skillman) and North Central extensions (new Park Lane to Galatyn Park) opened)
2003 16.97 million (Northeast extension (LBJ/Skillman to Downtown Garland) and North Central extension (Galaytn Park to Parker Road) open growing the system to 44 miles)
2004 16.49 million
2005 17.48 million (Victory Station opens, DART Rail at 45 miles)
2006 18.58 million
2007 17.9 million
2008 19.4 million
2009 19 million (first four stations of the Green Line open, DART Rail at 48 miles)
2010 17.8 million
2011 22.3 million (Green Line is completed, extending DART Rail to 72 miles, 55 stations)

DART Rail ridership in Fiscal Year 2012

Year to Date (through April) 13.9 million (up 11.9% over same period FY 2011)
Average weekday 76,056 (up .4% over April 2011)

Key dates in DART Rail history

June 14, 1996 DART Rail opens with 11.2 miles. Pearl to Westmoreland Station (Red Line) and Pearl to Illinois Station (Blue Line)
January 1997 DART extends six miles northward along North Central Expressway (Pearl to Park Lane Station). The new line includes a 3.5-mile subway from downtown to the new Mockingbird Station.
May 31, 1997 DART completes the 20-mile light rail starter system with the opening of the three-mile long extension of its Blue Line south from Illinois Station to Ledbetter Station.
December 18, 2000 Cityplace Station, the Southwest's first subway station, opens 120 feet underneath North Central Expressway.
September 24, 2001 White Rock Station opens, three miles northeast of Mockingbird Station.
May 6, 2002 LBJ/Skillman Station opens, 3.5 miles from White Rock Station
July 1, 2002 Seven new stations open, extending the Red Line by more than nine miles. The new stations are a new Park Lane Station, Walnut Hill, Forest Lane, LBJ/Central, Spring Valley, Arapaho Center and Galatyn Park.
November 18, 2002 Two new stations, Forest/Jupiter and Downtown Garland, extend the Blue Line more than four miles.
December 9, 2002 Three stations open. Bush Turnpike, Downtown Plano and Parker Road. The opening of the stations brings the DART Rail System to 44 miles and 34 stations, completing one of the largest rail expansion projects in North America and doubling DART's six-year-old, 20-mile light rail system.
November 2004 Victory Station at American Airlines Center opens.
September 14, 2009 The first three miles and four new stations of the Green Line opened (MLK, Jr. Station in South Dallas to Victory Station).
December 6, 2010 The 28-mile, 20 station, $1.8 billion Green Line is completed on schedule and under budget when it opens 24 miles and 15 stations. It iss the longest single-day opening of electric light rail in the United States since 1990.

Lake Highlands Station, DART's first infill station, also opened December 6. The station is located on the Blue Line in northeast Dallas between White Rock and LBJ/Skillman stations.

Future openings - Orange Line:

Irving I - which includes the University of Dallas Station, Las Colinas Urban Center Station and Irving Convention Center Station - is 5.4 miles long and scheduled to open for revenue service on Monday, July 30, 2012.

Irving II - which is made up of North Lake College Station and Belt Line Station, is 3.9 miles long and will make its debut on Monday, December 3, 2012.

Irving III - a 4.7 mile extension to DFW International Airport will open for revenue service on December 15, 2014.

Future openings - Blue Line:

Blue Line Northeast Corridor - which includes the Downtown Rowlett Station, is a 4.5 mile extension from Downtown Garland to Rowlett and will make its debut on Monday, December 3, 2012.

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