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DART News Release

Media Relations Contact:
Morgan Lyons
Mark A. Ball

March 23, 2018

DART deploying major bus service improvements March 26

With a focus on building ridership and improving service quality, Dallas Area Rapid Transit is implementing the next phase of a series of major service changes Mon., Mar. 26, with additional services to be implemented over the next year.

Built from recommendations of a comprehensive review of DART services, the changes increase service frequencies, make routes more direct, and improve bus on-time performance.

These modifications continue efforts to improve service frequency that have resulted in ridership gains when implemented on other routes. Ten routes will see 40-60-minute frequencies move to every 30 minutes during many off-peak periods. Affected routes will include 164, 378, 404, 428, 453, 463, 466, 467, 554 and 592.

A prominent upgrade involves the central portion of Route 400, currently DART's longest at four hours and 68 miles from Downtown Garland Station to the Irving Convention Center Station and back.

Overlapping routes 402 and 403 will now replace the single route, doubling the frequency between Spring Valley and Downtown Carrollton stations and reducing travel time.

Significant changes in northeast Dallas include Routes 1, 24, and 582 with the addition of two new routes and renumbering of several others. Route 84 will provide new service to Greenville Avenue north of Mockingbird Station.

Plano Legacy Circulator Route 346 and Flex Route 842 will be replaced by GoLink, a new on-demand service designed to enhance and expand current DART On-Call zones and introduce service to previously unserved or under-served areas. Detailed GoLink information can be found at

Routes with miscellaneous bus schedule changes include 12, 42, 110, 208, 347, 360, 378, 408, 409, 445, 451, 515, 524, 535, 541, 547, 551, 566, 568, 574, 591, 593, 702, 841, and 870. Routes 723 and 987 will be discontinued.

Customers should look for new timetables and schedules before Mar. 26. They can also call DART Customer Service at 214.979.1111 or go online to for more details.

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