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DART News Release

Media Relations Contact:
Morgan Lyons
Gordon Shattles

December 3, 2018

Cash Customers Benefitting from New DART GoPass Tap Card

Dallas Area Rapid Transit's (DART) new GoPass® Tap card makes transit even more affordable for customers who don't use credit cards. New fare capping technology is the key to the savings.

The GoPass® Tap card is available at hundreds of locations throughout the DART Service Area, as well as participating 7-Eleven stores. As a local rider, after spending a total of $6.00 on any one day, customers won't be charged another fare until the following day. With a registered card, riders will never spend more than the total cost of a monthly pass ($96.00) in a calendar month. Each calendar month, after purchasing 16 Day Passes or the equivalent, riders won't be charged another fare until the end of that month.

GoPass® Tap card registration is required to participate in fare capping, to recover account balance if the card is lost, and to receive future incentives from DART. Riders can purchase and reload GoPass® Tap cards at participating retailers, by visiting or by calling 214-979-1111.

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