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DART News Release

Media Relations Contact:
Gordon Shattles
Mark A. Ball

April 30, 2020

Getting Back to Work with DART

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) will play a key part in getting workers back on the job in North Texas as the state allows businesses to partially reopen. As customers and employees return to public transit, they should be aware that several important changes have been made due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Service Adjustments
DART remains committed to providing services to those who rely on buses and trains, but temporary service adjustments will remain in place for bus and light rail that reflects current ridership demand.

All bus routes will have service on weekdays except routes 155 and 887. Route 155 customers have access to route 554, and 887 customers have access to GoLink Service.

All light rail service will operate at a 20-minute frequency throughout the day.

No changes have been made to the Dallas Streetcar schedule or weekend bus and light rail service.

Ridership levels will continue to be monitored and extra buses will be added where needed.

Modified Weekday Schedule Effective Monday, April 6, 2020 Until Further Notice

More details can be found at or by calling DART Customer Service at (214) 979-1111.

Bus Boarding
DART began making riders board at the rear doors of buses last month, among other operational changes in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. This allowed DART to restrict contact between operators and passengers and to install physical partitions.

Passengers with mobility issues who need to use the entrance ramp can still do so.

Though people are entering from the back of the bus, fares have not been waived. DART recommends using the GoPass app to purchase passes.

Social Distancing
To enforce social distancing practices and protect customer and employee well-being, the lobby at DART Headquarters (1401 Pacific Avenue) remains closed to the public, including the DARTmart Store and Lost and Found.

All transit center waiting areas have been temporarily closed, but DART riders are still able to use the outdoor areas for boarding buses and light rail vehicles.

DART recommends maintaining a six-foot distance between fellow riders and your DART operator, leaving an open seat between yourself and other riders when available, avoiding large groups and staying home if you feel sick or are experiencing symptoms.

Cleaning and Protection
DART continues to aggressively expand agency-wide cleaning and safety protocols in response to the coronavirus. Besides standard nightly cleanings, DART vehicles receive additional cleanings throughout the day.

High touch surface areas, such as handrails, door buttons, grab rails and hanging straps, are cleaned with a solution approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as successful in killing the coronavirus, as well as influenza, rhinovirus, norovirus, salmonella, staphylococcus, and e-coli.

Procedures remain in place to isolate vehicles and areas that have been exposed to unsanitary and unhygienic situations. This includes removing vehicles from service that have been exposed to biohazard situations from passengers.

You can find more information about how DART is working to keep our passengers safe at

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