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DART News Release

Media Relations Contact:
Morgan Lyons

February 09, 2001

No Damage Estimate Set

DART Evaluating Water Damage to Northeast Corridor Rail Line

DART continues to investigate the damage caused by the break of an 84-inch water line near its future White Rock Station. The water line is parallel to DART-owned rail right-of-way just south of Northwest Highway. The water went over DART light rail tracks and down the hill into nearby condominiums.

White Rock Station and a three-mile light rail extension from Mockingbird Station are scheduled to open in October. So far, DART has completed the infrastructure, track work, installation of cable trough, installation of the catenary poles and installation of most of the landscaping. Work continues on the installation of the remainder of the electrical systems required to power the light rail trains. DART construction crews were not working at the scene of the water line break Thursday.

Initial damage reviews indicate the water appears to have washed out about 100' to 150' of track along with ballast and dirt under the track. Nearby sound walls were not damaged, but the water washed out some dirt under several of them.

Over the next several days DART will investigate the scope of damage. Initial indications are the scheduled opening of the Blue Line light rail extension and new White Rock Station will not be delayed.

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