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Morgan Lyons

March 05, 2001

DART Concludes Third Air Quality Monitoring Study

Study shows Cityplace Air Safe for Customers, Employees

Final results from the latest DART air quality study reveal the air in the North Central light rail tunnel and Cityplace Station is safe and comparable to the air found in most homes.

The study, which began in November, is the third in a series of air quality studies performed at different stages of the North Central tunnel construction and operation. It also is the first in a series of seasonal air quality studies DART will conduct over the next 12 to 15 months. This approach will establish a baseline for each season relative to climate variations.

"Safety for our customers and employees is our highest priority," Gary Thomas, DART Senior Vice President of Project Management, said. "That's why we developed a system of air quality monitoring and management for the tunnel before we opened it. This system helps us identify potential problem areas and allows us to take immediate action."

The study identified a number of common molds and fungi in the tunnel, all of which were within normal ranges. At those levels, none of the molds and fungi found pose a health risk to a normally healthy person. Consequently, customers traveling through the tunnel or at Cityplace Station face no health risks.

Because some people may be extraordinarily sensitive to these allergens DART is continuing to make appropriate protection equipment available to maintenance employees who spend long periods of time in the rail tunnels.

Findings and conclusions from the study are available on the DART website,

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