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DART News Release

Media Relations Contact:
Morgan Lyons

July 17, 2001

White Rock Station Opens September 24

DART Test Trains Traveling Mockingbird to White Rock Corridor

White Rock Test TrainWith just over two months before it opens, DART is conducting train tests along the 3-mile light rail corridor between the new White Rock Station and Mockingbird Station.

The tests will be conducted on an almost daily basis until White Rock Station opens Monday, September 24. The normal trip between White Rock and Mockingbird stations will take about five minutes.

The tests are evaluating the operation of the new light rail track along the corridor. The first tests will determine if the right amount of electricity is getting to the vehicle as it travels the corridor. Electricity is transmitted to the vehicle through an overhead catenary wire from two electrical substations along the corridor.

Vehicle clearance testing ensures the trains pass safely past poles, over bridges and other obstacles. Engineers also want to make sure each train receives information from signaling systems along the track that help the operator and the train control center communicate. Closer to the opening of White Rock Station, train operators will begin driving along the corridor to become familiar with the route, timetable and operating characteristics of the train along the new track.

Be Safe: Start Looking for Trains
While access to most of the rail corridor is restricted by fences, it's important to be aware that the rail line is active, with trains traveling anywhere from 35 to 65 miles per hour depending on their location. The two train crossings on the corridor are clearly marked with signs, red flashing lights and crossing arms that come down prior to the train's arrival at the intersection.

Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists also are urged to follow these critical safety precautions:

  • Always obey traffic signs and signals
  • Never assume you have the right-of-way
  • Expect a train on the track at any time
  • Never stop or stand on train tracks
  • Cross tracks only at marked crosswalks

  • In preparation for the reintroduction of trains to the area, DART has conducted a number of safety education programs in schools and community centers along the corridor. Additional programs are planned through the remainder of the summer and into the new school year.

    Current DART Rail Construction On Schedule
    DART is building almost 24 miles of extensions to its five-year-old, 20-mile light rail starter system in Dallas. Construction continues on an 11.2-mile rail extension stretching northeast from Mockingbird Station at Mockingbird Lane & North Central Expressway to White Rock Lake in fall 2001 and to Garland in fall 2002. The line includes two new Dallas stations: White Rock Station, East Northwest Highway near West Lawther Drive; and LBJ/Skillman Station, off LBJ Freeway between Skillman and Miller. There are two stations in Garland: Forest/Jupiter Station, Forest Lane and Jupiter Road; and Downtown Garland Station adjacent to the Garland Central Transit Center, Walnut St. at Fifth St.

    The 12.5-mile extension of the North Central rail line runs north from Park Lane Station. Light rail arrives in Richardson in summer 2002 and in Plano in summer 2003. Following existing rail right-of-way on the east side of North Central Expressway, the line features four Dallas stations: a new aerial Park Lane Station replacing the temporary station at Park Lane & Greenville Ave.; Walnut Hill Station, Walnut Hill Lane east of North Central Expressway; Forest Lane Station, Forest Lane east of North Central Expressway; and LBJ/Central Station, south of LBJ Freeway at T.I. Boulevard. There will be four stations in Richardson: Spring Valley Station at Spring Valley Road, east of North Central Expressway; Arapaho Center Station, at Arapaho Road adjacent to the Richardson Transit Center; Galatyn Park Station, in the Telecom Corridor east of North Central Expressway between Lookout Drive and Galatyn Crossing; and S.H. 190 Station, south of S.H. 190 and east of North Central Expressway.

    There will be two stations in Plano: Downtown Plano near Avenue J, between 15th Place and 16th Street; and the Parker Road Station near the current East Plano Transit Center, Archerwood St. between Park Blvd. E. and Parker Road.

    Construction of the North Central extension is funded by a combination of local and federal funds. The Northeast Corridor extension is funded completely by local sales tax revenue.

    DART Light Rail Facts
  • Currently Operating: 20 miles, 21 stations (opened June 14, 1996)
  • Starter System Construction Budget: $860 million
  • Weekday Average Ridership (light rail): 39,686 (March 2001)
  • North Central, Northeast expansion: 23.7 miles, 14 stations
  • North Central, Northeast Construction Budget: $1.011 billion

  • Northeast Light Rail Expansion
  • 3 line segments
  • 11.2 miles, Mockingbird Station to Downtown Garland; 4 stations
  • 3,220 parking spaces
  • Projected Weekday Ridership: 10,000

  • Mockingbird Station to White Rock Station (3.1 miles)
    Opens: September 24, 2001
    Stations: Mockingbird Station, opened January 10, 1997 (811 parking spaces)
    White Rock Station (501 parking spaces)
    Construction Budget for line section:  $56.1 million

    White Rock Station to LBJ/Skillman Station (3.5 miles)
    Opens: Spring 2002
    Stations: LBJ/Skillman Station (647 parking spaces)
    Construction Budget for line section:  $85.1 million

    LBJ/Skillman Station to Downtown Garland Station (4.6 miles)
    Opens: Fall 2002
    Stations: Forest/Jupiter Station (561 spaces)
    Downtown Garland Station (700 parking spaces)
    Construction Budget for line section:  $98.7 million

    North Central Light Rail Expansion
  • 3 line segments
  • 12.5 miles, New Park Lane Station to Parker Road Station; 10 stations
  • 4,819 permanent parking spaces (additional 886 leased weekdays at
                  Park Lane Station)
  • Projected Weekday Ridership: 16,000

  • New Park Lane Station to LBJ/Central Station (4.1 miles)
    Opens: Summer 2002
    Stations: New Park Lane Station (314 parking spaces,
    886 additional leased weekdays)
    Walnut Hill Station (no parking)
    Forest Lane Station (271 spaces)
    LBJ/Central Station (568 spaces)
    Construction Budget for line section:  $118.1 million

    LBJ/Central Station to Galatyn Park Station (5.2 miles)
    Opens: Summer 2002
    Stations: Spring Valley Station (403 parking spaces)
    Arapaho Center Station (1,100 spaces)
    Galatyn Park Station (no parking)
    Construction Budget for line section:  $87.4 million

    Galatyn Park Station to Parker Road Station (3.2 miles)
    Opens: Summer 2003
    Stations: S.H. 190 Station (778 parking spaces)
    Downtown Plano (no parking)
    Parker Road Station (1,385 parking spaces)
    Construction Budget for line section:  $62.8 million

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