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DART News Release

Media Contact:
Morgan Lyons

March 25, 1999

Minority Business, EEO offices merge

DART reaching out to new vendors, strengthening diversity

Dr. Warren MorganDART President/Executive Director Roger Snoble has combined the agency's Office of Minority Business Enterprise and Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, to create a new department focused on strengthening relationships with vendors, suppliers and employees.

The Diversity and Economic Opportunity Department will be headed by DART Vice President, Dr. Warren Morgan. Morgan previously was head of the agency's Office of Equal Employment Opportunity.

"We have been charged with identifying steps which will make it easier for current and potential vendors to do business with DART," Morgan said. "We want to reach out and encourage more businesses to work with us. We are committed to using diversity as a catalyst for the continued success of DART and the communities we serve," he added.

The new department has three primary goals:

  • Ensure that DART and its contractors provide equal opportunity for employment and contracts;
  • Ensure DART compliance with federal, state and local equal opportunity requirements;
  • Exemplify leadership in promoting diversity within the agency and the community.

The department will direct the DART's civil rights programs and activities including the Minority Business Enterprise section. This section is responsible for making traditionally disadvantaged businesses aware of bidding opportunities at DART and helping them compete effectively for agency contracts and purchases.

"DART has the opportunity to leverage its buying power and employment base as tools to promote economic development throughout North Texas," DART Board Member Marcos Ronquillo said. "That opportunity is what has motivated us to take the step of merging these two groups. A strong employee base and viable business partnerships produce a higher quality service which ultimately leads to higher ridership."

Ronquillo, an attorney and Dallas representative, is chairman of the board's Minority Affairs Committee.

Snoble added, "DART is committed to improving relationships with the firms with which it does business. These firms are our partners in the development and operation of our system. Their success is ours."

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