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DART News Release

Media Contact:
Millie Tweddell

March 18, 1999

Special to Passenger Transport

DART relays baseball equipment

DART right-of-way/acquisition representative Mack Turner's heads-up play led to the donation of more than $150,000 worth of baseball field lights, bleachers, fencing and other equipment to the Dallas Parks and Recreation Board.

In July 1998, DART purchased two baseball fields from Texas Instruments for a new rail station, and was going to have to pay to remove the equipment. However, it was suggested that the Dallas Parks & Recreation Department might want it.

The park department not only wanted it, but took care of removing all the equipment, said Turner. Paul Dyer, park system director, presented Turner and DART with an official resolution, thanking them for "creativity and fiscal prudence in maximizing public resources for the citizens we jointly serve."

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