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Media Relations Contact:
Morgan Lyons

March 14, 2003

6 daily trips planned between Sherman area and Parker Road Station

DART Board Approves Rail Station Access for Grayson County Shuttle

DART's Board of Directors has authorized the DART staff to execute an access agreement with Texoma Area Paratransit Systems (TAPS) that would provide TAPS access to the DART Rail Parker Road Station for a limited-stop shuttle service from the Sherman area.

The agreement between DART and TAPS, a rural public transportation provider for Grayson County, is for 90 days beginning March 31, 2003, with provisions for extension by written agreement. The DART Board continues to consider policy directions regarding shuttle service access to DART facilities and services. The agreement with TAPS is not a statement of policy or policy guidance, and DART can terminate the agreement at any time upon 30-day notification.

TAPS will provide six daily trips, two during the morning and afternoon peak travel periods, one at noon and one in the late evening. Because of the limited number of trips by TAPS, its 30-foot fixed-route coaches will be able to share a bus bay with a DART bus route.

TAPS will ensure that riders transferring to DART services have a valid DART ticket or pass. TAPS will also continue to provide for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit trips for residents of its service area.

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