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DART News Release

Media Contact:
Morgan Lyons

April 19, 1999

DART taking additional steps to promote rail safety

As part of a rail safety enhancement program, DART is beginning work on a new fence which will run along the Lancaster Road alignment between Atlas Drive and 52nd Street near B. F. Darrell Elementary School in South Dallas. The fence will be erected within the next several weeks.

"With stepped-up jaywalking enforcement and continuing education and community involvement programs, we believe this program will go a long way toward making a safe system safer," said Victor Burke, executive vice president/general manager, Operations.

The fence is being built at the request of the community to deter pedestrians from jaywalking across the rail right-of-way and the adjacent four lanes of Lancaster Road.

As part of the safety program, DART has conducted 19 neighborhood meetings to discuss rail safety. "We appreciate the input the community around Darrell Elementary has given us as we've worked to improve the system. We're counting on them to help us spread the word about safety around rail tracks once the fence is put in place."

In addition to building the fence, Burke said DART will continue issuing citations to jaywalkers and will conduct additional safety education programs in the community during the summer.

DART staff and the agency's Board of Directors also are developing a comprehensive policy concerning the placement of fences along DART light rail tracks. This review should be complete by the end of the summer and will provide direction to the agency as it doubles the number of miles covered by light rail trains.


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