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DART News Release

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Morgan Lyons

April 8, 2008

New customer satisfaction survey results

Customers give DART an 'A'

91% of our customers express general satisfaction with DART services
91% of our customers express
general satisfaction with
DART services
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93% would recommend riding DART to others
93% would recommend
riding DART to others
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90% report favorably in terms of operator courtesy, a gain of 6% since the last survey.
90% report favorably in terms of operator courtesy, a gain of
6% since the last survey
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More than 90% of DART's customers say they're satisfied with the transit agency's services and 93% of them would recommend DART to others, according to a new customer survey.

In the survey, nine out of 10 respondents had good things to say about bus and rail operator courtesy. And the Customer Information Center received a "thumbs up" of nearly the same proportion. In both cases, DART saw big improvements over the last customer survey, conducted in September 2006.

The survey was conducted in October and November 2007 among more than 5,500 customers representing all DART modes and member cities, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.3% at a 95% confidence level.

Other key findings focus on security, performance
The customer sense of safety and security was up markedly from previous surveys. The 73% customer satisfaction rating with the visibility of uniformed DART personnel (police officers, fare enforcement inspectors and others) on trains is a 16-percentage point increase over the September 2006 survey. To help improve performance, DART is working to fill more than two-dozen new police officer positions and five fare enforcement officer positions. That would increase the number of police officers to 190 and fare enforcement officers to 35.

The survey reported a 14-percentage point increase in customer satisfaction with security at transit centers and park and rides, with a rating of 84% compared to the previous 70%. Finally, 89% of customers also reported satisfaction with the security on buses, an improvement of 3-percentage points.

While customer satisfaction with the on-time performance of DART's trains remained high at 94%, satisfaction with bus on-time performance increased 3-percentage points to 80%. Satisfaction with bus/rail on-time transfers was up 6-percentage points to 85% compared with the last survey.

And 87% of survey respondents reported the Customer Information Center answered calls promptly compared with 74% in the last survey.

There's still work to do
Customer satisfaction in the following areas has shown some gains since the September 2006 survey, but the 2007 survey still indicates major areas where DART has room for improvement. Some changes are already under way.
  • 50% of respondents say they have experienced bus pass-bys -- reflecting a 4-percentage point improvement over the last survey results, but still unacceptably high. DART has improved signage on board vehicles and at transit centers to make sure customers know where to stand to catch the bus they want.

  • The 72% customer satisfaction with bus cleanliness represents a 3-percentage point improvement. Bus washing frequency has been increased and more bus servicers have been hired since the survey was completed.

Other quality improvement initiatives include additional customer service training for operators and additional buses on standby during midday and weekend hours to support customers in the event of a mechanical breakdown, accident or other service disruption.

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