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DART News Release

Media Relations Contact:
Morgan Lyons

December 7, 1999


Employee Pass Program Keeps Growing

Bank of America joins DART's New E-Pass

Bank of America has joined DART's new E-Pass program, offering convenient annual transit passes to its estimated 7,000 downtown employees.

Bank of America previously subsidized monthly transit passes for between 3,200 and 3,500 employees. Under the new E-Pass agreement with DART, the bank's annual costs will remain the same, but employees will pay less for more services, said Matt Raymond, DART assistant vice president of Marketing.

With DART's E-Pass, employers provide their employees with annual photo ID passes good for unlimited rides on DART's regular bus and rail services. Currently, some 19,000 Dallas-area employees benefit from E-Pass through organizations such as the Dallas VA Medical Center, TXU, Adam's Mark Hotel and the Dallas offices of both the Internal Revenue Service and the Environmental Protection Agency.

"The E-Pass program makes sense for Bank of America and for our associates," said Rowland K. Robinson, senior banking executive for Bank of America in Dallas. "For our associates, the E-Pass means lower monthly costs, no more changing passes every month, and access to more services.

"Besides helping Bank of America fight traffic congestion and smog, E-Pass is a great tool for recruiting and retention. It's a great deal," he added.

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