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DART – Let's Go.

We're on board. DART Police has a strong presence on buses and trains.

Security Initiatives

We need your help to stop any attempted attack before it can ever begin. Help us be on the lookout for any suspicious behaviors. Suspicious behavior is a combination of actions and behaviors that appear strange, inconsistent, or out-of-the-ordinary for your environment.

Be aware of people who appear to be loitering and stare or watch others and people who appear to display excessive nervousness. Be aware of people who quickly exit an area and abandon their packages or bags.

Please remember to always take your personal items with you when leaving a train or bus. Most unattended packages are harmless, but if you find a suspicious item or spilled substance, do not touch it and notify a uniformed DART employee as well as contact DART Police at 214-928-6300, use the DART Say Something Safety and Security app or call 911.

Customer safety and security is our highest priority. DART continues to work with local and federal agencies to maintain a high level of security for our public transit system and to strengthen our ability to respond to possible events.

DART's uniformed officers remain highly visible on DART buses and trains and at DART facilities. DART also continues the use of plainclothes officers in vehicles and buildings. DART has taken some specific additional security steps including:
  • Increasing patrols at key locations such as the Cityplace tunnel
  • Participation in an FBI Joint Task Force on Terrorism
  • Placing DART officers on the North Texas Joint Task Force on Terrorism, an organization of local police departments that share intelligence information
  • Participating in Downtown Dallas Central Business District emergency preparedness planning
Just as we work with you to provide the best transit service anywhere, we're working with you to enhance our safe transit system. Customers are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings at all times and to report any suspicious packages or behavior to DART bus or rail operators, station agents or DART Police. Customers may contact DART Police at 214-928-6300. Many of you have done that and we appreciate your continued support and cooperation.

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