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Grade 2: People On The GO!

Communities are alive with many people going to many different places. As students begin to develop awareness of special destinations around town, they also begin to think about how to travel to these places. People are always on the go -- to the airport, museum, park, office, school, stadium, supermarket and more. Where can you go in the Dallas area and how do you get there?

People On The GO! features two lessons: 1) What's In My Town? and 2) Finding My Way Around Town. Unit highlights include PowerPoints.

In addition to the lessons, People On The GO! has four activities:

Lesson One - What's In My Town?

  Activity 1.1 - Community Needs and Wants
What are needs versus wants? Prioritize the five most important needs and the five most important wants in building a community.

Activity 1.2 - Famous Dallas Places
Students explore iconic destinations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They match function with place in a vibrant, illustrated class lesson.

Lesson Two - Finding My Way Around Town

  Activity 2.1 - My School From Above
Students locate their school on Google Maps and navigate around local landmarks online.

Activity 2.2 - My Town Map
Students use an illustrated map to learn the basics of navigation and map reading.

All lessons, activities and learning materials are designed to augment your existing class curriculum and align with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Activities involving mathematics align with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards. Life skills are also listed.

Standards and Skills

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
  • Geography knowledge and skills: Location and characteristics of places and regions in a community [(113.13 SS (b) (6)]
  • Science, technology and society: How science and technology affected life, past and present
  • Technology: Information acquisition [113.13 SS (17) A&B]
  • Social studies skills: Critical thinking skills [113.13 SS 18 (B.C)]
  • Information acquisition (technology): Use of technology to access, analyze and evaluate acquired information [126.2 Technology (4) A&B]
  • Science, technology and society: How science and technology affect life [113.13 SS (b) 17 A&B]
  • Geographic tools: Usage of maps, globes and photographs [113.13 SS (b) (5) (B)]
  • Reading comprehension of informational/procedural text [110.13 ELA & R (b) (15)]
Life Skills
  • Relationships between physical environments and human activities
  • Understanding communities: Needs and wants
  • Using technology
  • History of communities
  • Understanding changing communication methods
  • Real-life connections: Maps and streets
  • Oral and written directions
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