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DART Stop ID Finder

Find the Stop ID number for your DART transit stop

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Bus Stop with Stop ID sign A Stop ID is a unique 5-digit identification number for each transit stop within the DART service area.

You'll see the Stop ID number on DART bus stop signs on the street. You can also find your Stop ID number using the form below. If you already know your route, you can filter the results to only show you the stops for your route. Once you know your Stop ID numbers, keep them handy so you can take them with you on your trips.

For the best results when looking up rail stations and other DART facilities, enter the station/facility name, city and state.
Please enter your address in the form below.

Key to Bus Stop Location Abbreviations:
N-Northbound; S-Southbound; E-Eastbound; W-Westbound;
NS-Near side of intersection; FS-Far side of intersection;
MB-Mid-block stop, MB1-First mid-block stop; MB2-Second mid-block stop; MB3-Third mid-block stop.


With your Stop ID number, you can get faster results when calling 214-979-1111 to use the Customer Information Line.


Next Bus at Specific Stop

Use your Stop ID number with the desktop version of Where's My Bus?®

How it works:
  • Select Stop ID as your Search Type.
  • Enter your 5-digit Stop ID number and click "Submit."
  • If more than one route serves the stop, a prompt message will alert you and a drop-down menu listing the routes will appear after you close the message.
  • Select your route from the drop-down menu and click "Submit."
Where's My Bus?® will show you a map highlighting your route, your stop and the times for the next three buses on your route. Try it now!

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